How To Write A CV In Nigeria

What is a CV?

Content Of A CV

Sample format of a resume (The link to this template is included at the end of this article)

1. Heading

2. Profile

3. Educational History

Online degrees and certifications are highly valued. Employers like to have an idea of the qualifications you have so make sure to include those in your CV.

4. Skills:

The skills in your CV should be tailored according to the job requirements of the role.

5. Experience:

The experience section of your CV should only include work experience that is related to the field you’re applying to.

What Shouldn’t Be In Your CV

Format of a CV

You want your CV to look like you were made for the position and not like you’re trying to force a square block into a round space.

CV Templates

CV Reviews

How to Review Your CV for free

Create an account on Grammarly

How To Get a Professional Review of Your CV

Get a free professional resume review on TopResume

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